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Mystic Mountains Cottage is an excellent example of the perfect blend of luxury and affordable cottages. It is one of the leading premium Merak Pangong Cottages, which has become a great choice for travellers looking for a luxury stay on a budget. Affordable yet comfortable accommodation, with the natural beauty surrounding the property, is a treat for travellers. If you plan to spend quality time in tranquillity and peace, Mystic Mountain Cottage in Merak is the best cottage to stay.

Luxury Cottage in Merak Pangong Leh

An affordable stay can be hard to find when visiting a place during its peak season. But it is easier with our reasonable and comfortable stay facilities near Pangong Lake. For a quality stay and time spent, book with our premium cottage or home-stays, which are available with customised visitor service. Book affordable, luxurious, cosy, and best cottages in Merak Pangong Leh to enjoy the best holidays at the best hotels or resorts in Merak Pangong. 

Amenities in Mystic Mountains Cottage (Merak)

Get all the facilities at mystic mountains cottage, merak, pangong to enjoy your tour.

Mystic Mountains Cottage


Get bonfire at our cottage

Beautiful View

3 Idiots Movie Shooting Point

Breakfast & Dinner

Offering Free Breakfast & Dinner

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Our Packages

Rs 2,000

  • EP ( European Plan )
  • Room Available
  • We Provide Running Hot Water
  • Bonfire On Demand
  • Food On Demand
  • Accomodation for 2 Person
  • Extra Bedding Will Cost Extra Charges
Rs 3,000

  • CP (Continental Plan )
  • Room + Breakfast
  • Buffet
  • We Provide Running Hot Water
  • Extra Food or Snacks On Demand
  • Bonfire On Demand
  • On Demand We Serve Indian, Chinese & Continental Food
Rs 3,700

  • MAP ( Modified American Plan )
  • Included Breakfast and Dinner
  • Room For 2 Person
  • Extra Bedding Is Also Available ( Charges Extra )
  • Buffet For Both Meals
  • Running Hot Water
  • Extra Food or Snacks On Demand
  • Bonfire On Demand
  • We Serve Indian, Chinese & Continental Food
Rs 4,500

  • Included Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • 2 Person Per Night
  • Extra Bedding Is Also Available ( Charges Extra )
  • Buffet For Both Meals
  • Running Hot Water
  • Extra Food or Snacks On Demand
  • Bonfire On Demand
  • We Serve Indian, Chinese & Continental Food

Mystic Mountains Cottage in Merak Pricing:

Our cottage in Merak Pangong gives you great value for your money. You’ll enjoy top-notch facilities and stunning views near Pangong Lake without breaking the bank. We offer four different service packages at our Merak Cottage, each with its own range of amenities and prices. Simply choose the package that matches what you’re looking for and fits your budget. It’s that easy to plan your perfect getaway!

Silver – Rs 2,200 , Gold – Rs 3,000 , Diamond – Rs 3,700 , Platinum – Rs 4,500

You’re free to ask for a bonfire service whenever you want with these four package options. Just keep in mind that any extra services you request will come with charges from the cottage management.

Our staff at the Mystic Mountains Cottage on Pangong Lake

The Mystic Mountain Cottage team is committed to delivering top-notch service and providing excellent amenities for a rejuvenating vacation experience. Whether it’s room service, hospitality, or dining options, we prioritize quality in every aspect. With a focus on deluxe and super deluxe accommodations, our lake-view cottage in Pangong promises to enhance your Ladakh trip and make it truly unforgettable.

Hotel In Merak Pangong

If you are looking for a cottage in Merak Pangong, there are plenty of affordable and inviting options. Nothing can be greater than getting affordable accommodation amidst the majestic Himalayas and a stunning view of Pangong Lake. So, when searching for the best cottages in Merak, Mystic Mountains is the ideal one to make your trip and stay memorable and comfortable. We value it when tourists choose our Merak cottage accommodation amidst the rest. We also have the best cottage setup with a mesmerising lake view. It will surely make your stay a special one to cherish for a long time. What’s in a trip and premium stay that cannot offer delightful sights to enjoy? 

Get your luxury cottage in Merak at Mystic Mountains Cottage and book the best accommodation at affordable rates. We are the source of the ultimate luxury retreat with exquisite cottage options. Our luxury cottages are well-designed and have the best amenities to feel like a ‘home away from home’ even in our luxury accommodations. 


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Happy Visitors
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Mystic Cottage is incredibly best cottage in merak, pangong and have great hospitality.”
Rohan Gupta
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“I love the views from this cottage had very tasty breakfast”
Suraj Arora
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“I love the rooms, beautiful views from cottage and vibe of mystic mountains cottage pangong.”
Harsh Verma

Merak Resort Pangong

A luxury cottage in Merak is no harder to find with luxurious and comfortable options like Mystic Mountains Cottage. Indulge in the epitome of serenity and comfort at the best Merak Pangong resort. Located in the lap of nature, the exquisite accommodation, peaceful view and amenities make it suitable to pay for the resort packages. 

Our Merak resort, Pangong, is the best option when travelling to Leh Ladakh or Pangong Lake. The total Himalayan landscape and the view it offers are immersive, and it provides plenty of options for travellers to have unforgettable memories here. 

Cottage Rooms in Merak Pangong Lake

Super Deluxe




Single/Double Room


Homestay in Merak Pangong

What can be more fascinating than getting a homely stay experience amidst the beauties of nature? Yes, this is what Mystic Mountains Cottage at Pangong Ladakh are famous for. The warm ambience and the Ladakhi hospitality will make you feel like you are at home. One can create unforgettable memories at our cozy cottages in Merak. We have all premium amenities at our homestay to allow our guests to get top-notch comfort and enjoy the trip. From beautiful views to living amidst nature and greenery, offering tasty food and bonfire arrangements on demand, we try to ensure visitors are comfortable at our homestay accommodations. These are available at an affordable range for the help of every visitor who comes to experience the beauties of the Himalayan ranges and the Pangong Lake. 

So, when looking for affordable cottages or homestay options near Merak Pangong, Mystic Mountains Cottage accommodation is the best to try. From accommodation to scenic views, amenities, affordable rates and exquisite interiors, a traveller has a lot to cherish here that adds to the memorable Merak Pangong trip. 

Mystic Mountains Cottage Merak Pangong

If rustic charm and vintage look are your favourite, don’t miss a chance to miss an experience staying at Mystic Mountains Cottage Merak Pangong. At Merak Pangong, it is one of the best cottage options to explore and spend some peaceful days amidst the tranquillity and natural beauty. 

The warm hospitality, the comfortable amenities, and the excellent view make it worth the stay. Discover this gem near Merak Pangong, and it will surely add to your journey memories of Pangong Lake and Leh Ladakh. 

Frequently Asked Question

( Cottage In Merak Pnagong )

Our cottage has 2 branch, one at merak village pangong and & at 3 Idiots Shooting Point, Pangong Lake, Leh ( Ladakh )

We provide deluxe and super deluxe rooms in our cottage.

We have different plans such Continental Plan, American Plan and Modified American Plan for our guests.

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