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Being a founder of Mystic Mountains Cottage, a seasonal entrepreneur from the land of Ladakh.

Mr. Urgain Kaldan is passionate traveler and adventurous.

His mission is to promote tourism and hospitality in Ladakh and provide the best experience to his customers.

Mystic Mountains Cottage

Our cottage provides a front-row view of one of the most breathtaking natural wonders in the world because it is located on the shores of Pangong Lake. The towering peaks are reflected in the gleaming blue lake, creating a fantastical and breathtaking scene. You will be welcomed with a sense of calm as soon as you enter Mystic Mountains’ grounds, inviting you to put your cares aside and experience the peace of this extraordinary location.

Our cottage was meticulously planned and detailed to blend in with the natural environment. Each room has been carefully designed to offer a cosy and tranquil respite after a day of adventure. The fusion of modern conveniences with traditional Ladakhi architecture ensures a harmonious balance between authenticity and comfort.

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